Happy Halloween And Weekly Photo Challenge

Halloween Selfie

Halloween Selfie

Don’t know where the Weekly Photo Challenge is today. Is that a  WP trick? I created this image especially for today. so I’m posting it here at Daily Post.I have to get busy and finish carving my pumpkin and feeding my bats ;)

If I run out of candy I think the kids would get a fright or a treat looking at me.

Oh I bet the reason there is no Photo Challenge WR is stuck in traffic on the way to the Giant’s World Series Parade in SF!! Happy Halloween Every One!











Weekly Photo Challenge finally posted and my pumpkin’ is carved. Here is my offering for Descent: The partially eclipsed sun.

Sun Descnending

Square Sun Descending

Halloween Survival Kit with Chocolate Zucchini Cake and Poetry

Nurture You and Yours with Tasty Treats and Laughter and Good Cheer!

Chocolate Zucchini Cake

Chocolate Zucchini Cake (it’s a lot like carrot cake)

Make Chocolate Zucchini Cake then fallow the recipe for a fun night from last year’s Halloween poem below.


The ghouls, goblins and ghosties

come out to be creepy and sneaky

about my gardens rows and edges.

Lock up the cat, chain down the dogs,

tell all the children to beware!

October’s wind blows in

terrible creatures with long noses,

fingers and toesies.

img_0540They sniff around for sweet tender bite-es

of all things young and growin’.

Hang lavenders and apples

around the windows,

throw salt and sages

under all the fences.

Go inside behind locked doors

and drink toastie

of hot coca and marshmallow roasties,

laugh so loud and cheery

you scare away the fierest ghoulies,

goblins and ghosties!

Carol Carlisle 10/12/13

P.S. Way to Go Giants!

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Cee’s Fun Fo-Toe Challenge. The Toes Know


It’s Orange October once again in the SF Bay Area. I painted my toe nails for Halloween but they are now my way of cheering for the Giants to Go all the way and win the World Series.

Go Giants!

I’m Using Cee’s Fun Fo-toe Challenge is Bare Feet or Shoes to Cheer for my Team.
I always go for bare toes, all year round if I can. Do You?


Phoneography: The Mysterious Web of Life

The Vail Between The Worlds is Thin in the End of October

SW 1

1-Piering through the  Web







Natural vail



We walk through the vail
whether we know it
whether we want to.
It may stick to our skin
tangle us in mystery
leads us into darkness
where a new truth awaits.

Carol Carlisle
Which image speaks of to you?

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Weekly Photo Challenge: My Halloween Card As Cover Art


 Bwah Ha Ha!

 Later in the week you may see this Thin Man (oh that could be another cover) but I couldn’t resist using my Halloween card as cover art for the Weekly Photo Challenge Cover Art. BTW, literary folks, I do know the real title for Damon Runyon’s story is “When Death Pays A Social Call” but I couldn’t get all the words to fit in the space. Maybe I’ll get a better font app in my Tricker or Treat bag. :)

Nurturing Thursday: A Reason For Fall


Be Aware!

Something old and no longer of use is leaving?
Perhaps something new and inspiring will be revealed?

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Cee’s Which Odd Way for Snoopy to Travel Challenge Entry


Snoopy in the Sopwith Camel flies over SF Bay

Snoopy and the Red Barron In the SF Bay

Snoopy and the Red Barron In the SF Bay at low tide.

For the 40 plus years I’ve lived in the SF Bay Area Snoopy in the sopwith camel has made his home on various pylons out in the bay near the East Shore freeway. When stuck in traffic I have occupied tired children and myself playing find Snoopy. Now there is a whole installation that allows us to walk right up and inspect him. There still is one small loan Snoopy way out if you look carefully but hard to photograph.

I guess this qualifies for both Cee’s Which Way and Odd Ball Challenges I just didn’t get it published in time for the Sunday Challenge and wanted to show it off after finally stopping to look at it after all these years.



Phoneography: Black And White Challenge Saves the Day

Two Modes of Transportation On The Bay

Pushing off

1-Pushing off from Albany Beach

Paddling on the bay

2-Lonely paddle on the Bay

Blue angels and Bay Bridge

3-Blue Angels over the Bay Bridge

Blue Angels over the Bay

4-Watching the Blue Angels over the Bay

October is the best weather, with lots of warm sun around San Francisco Bay. That means many of us are out in or near the water but there is so much glare colors are washed out, and often we in the East Bay are facing directly in to the sun; making it hard to get a good photo. Turning the images into black and white creates drama and tells more interesting stories.

Which story speaks to you?

Sorry I’m so late today but life happens. Happy Monday Challenge one and all!

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