Solstice Wolves

Carol Carlisle:

A Beatuiful way to welcome back the sun!

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I’m standing on a hilltop in Yellowstone on a cold and bright December morning.    The snow beneath me is covered with hundreds of wolf tracks.    They must have been through here early this morning – the tracks are clearly fresh, and there are no other people tracks around.

All wolf tracks.

All wolf tracks.

I look over my shoulder.  It’s eerie.  Where are they now?    I’m not generally afraid of wolves, but when you see how big their tracks are…well, it’s eye-opening.


I notice a line of little coyote tracks in the midst of all of these giants.   How brave of him to be anywhere near this place!


The silence is broken by howling to the east of me, with answering howls from the hills across the river.  Not far!    I head back to the trailhead where Bill is waiting. The Wolf Project team has arrived.


It’s the…

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Let’s Play with Yellow!

Rubber Duckies

Rubber Ducky

The Man in the Yellow Hat

The Man in the Yellow Hat From Curious George

Yellow Bird and Playmate

Yellow Bird and Playmate from my tree

Weekly Photo Challenge asked “what yellow means to me”…Playfulness! I saw the challenge on my phone while I was out. At the grocery store I came upon the bright yellow rubber ducks, they spoke more interesting than the yellow lines on the street…I was happy to find a few more playful images keep our feathered friends company.

Who knows the words to the Rubber Ducky Song from Sesame Street ? Or is that just American?

Merry Season Everyone!!!

Which Way is Always A Challenge

FullSizeRenderA light to follow
To guide the way
Which Way is up to you.


First day of Hanukkah, a week till Christmas
A thistle-down blown across our path
bright as any star
sweet as any oil
A message delivered
in the dark.
A blessing,
A gift.


I posted this yesterday but the realized it is my Holliday Card to all my readers and especially Nurturing Thursday folks toady.

May the many brilliant Winter celebrations lights
guide and bless
you and your loved ones.

Carol Carlisle

One Word Challenge Taupe (Camel and Mud Dreams)

Camel in Church

Camel in Church

When I directed the Christmas Pageant we had a donkey up there.

Full stream

Full stream full of muddy (taupe) water in Northern CA

Color swatch of Taupe

One word Challenge Taupe a good color for this time of year around my neck-of-the- woods.

What color is your world this time of year?

The Camel and The Steam

Not one more drop!
Not one more straw!
The weight is too much!
Is it too late or is
ruin at hand.

The camel needs water
to quench his thirst
to carry his load.
The stream needs straw
to hold back its banks
to carry its water.

Camel floats on the stream of
straw colored dreams.
Stream banks enough imagination
to lighten a mighty load.

For Margo Rody‘s Tuesday Tryouts

Phoneography:Black and White Challenge with Wings










Come see! Come see! We were commanded.
Following, we came into an inner room,
Once there we gazed in wonder.
She was the only one to draw near when the wings unfurled.



I could tell you who these beings are and how this meeting came to be but, of course, I won’t. What I will tell you is that I have been searching YouTube for videos of the Messiah and Googling “Lo An Angel Appeared” (images).
What do you imagine is happening?

All three are the same image, I was attempting a dream sequence. does it work?




For more about Black and white Photography visit the sponsor of this challenge Sally’s Lens and Pens, who has an image similar in shape to this one today..

Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle at Twilight


For  Weekly Photo Challenge Twinkle I couldn’t help adding one more post after capturing these  well dressed trees.

Who remembers Main Street being decorated for Christmas after Thanksgiving. We had a pet parade followed by the lighting of the a big tree in the middle of the street. I don’t know if that still happens anywhere anymore. These are the lights that decorate the street trees in a Berkeley shopping neighborhood. I was in everyone’s way taking pictures of them yesterday. I wondered if I was the only one awed by the sparkle and beauty.

Let me know if you go all gaga for Christmas lights, too.



Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle! Twinkle!


Twinkling  Solstice Altar

This weeks Photo Challenge is Twinkle as  you can see from how my site is dressed up for  December I like twinkle!  These images are just a few of my favorites from this  last year.

American poet John Greenleaf Whittier said, “The windows of my soul I throw wide open to the sun.”

Time to stop and enjoy the light.

Time to stop and enjoy the light.

May all the lights twinkle around you!

Ps Our lights didn’t go out during the Northern California “storm”.

Capturing Rain in Black and White

Strawberry Creek in Albany Village
It’s always a challenge to photograph rain but black and white gives enough contrast to see the streaks of rain.

This is an experiment to see how WordPress for iPad works. Let me know what It looks like. Sure.. would be fun to post from anywhere.
Happy Thursday.

Cee’s Black and White Challenge



Phoneography: Mushrooms Pop Up for Macro Challenge

Pinhead sized mushrooms in deck crack

1-Pinhead sized mushrooms in deck crack Sunday

Stand of Mushrooms Today

2-Stand of Mushrooms Today

3- Mushrooms Up Close

3- Mushrooms Up Close

Moved a flower-pot on the deck after a rain and found these beauties growing in a crack. The husbands worried about rot while am documenting their growth.  I’ll get out the mushroom book later today to find a name for them, for now I’ll guess umbrella mushrooms.

All taken with iPhone 5s 2 and 3 native camera.1. in Camera+

Which image pops up for you.

Lens and Pens


not part of the challenge but Just snapped this sunrise

not part of the challenge but just snapped this sunrise