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Nurturing Thursday: Be Held

There Are Arms Waiting For YOU!

photoYou Are Held
You Are Lovable
Just the Way You Are

Proud Dad showing off his 17 day old daughter at recent neighborhood block party. No one could keep their eyes off of that relationship it was hypnotic
We wanted to hold her
We wanted to be her.

Feel free to add your own affirmations.

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Phoneography: Geometric Shapes Near the Fault Zone

More from McClure's Farm

More from McClure’s Farm Point Reyes

Fence at Farm

Fence at Farm Point Reyes

Everything at the farm is a little off plumb and level because it’s near an earthquake fault. We didn’t even feel yesterday’s tumbler here in Albany, Napa is about is about 40 miles North. But everybody else I know felt some shaking. Even if I didn’t feel it there is an eery sense of “before and after” like there was after the big one in ’89.
Still a little off kilter Palm tree at Mexican Restaurant Yesterday

Looking up at palm tree from my seat at Picante

Looking up at palm tree from my seat at Picante


Readers in California did you feel yesterday’s quake?

Everyone let me know which photo you like?

Here’s hoping the ground stays firm beneath your feet.
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Travel Theme Orange

Not Oranges but Clementines

Not Oranges but Clementines

I’ve been making Clementine cake all summer. Here’s my post with more pictures and recipe.

Girls in their Sunday best Berkeley Thai Temple

Girls in their Sunday best Berkeley Thai Temple

Every Sunday there is a big fundraising lunch and Thai dancing.

Summer solstice Full Moon 2013

Summer solstice Full Moon 2013

Of course the GG Bridge at sunset

Of course the GG Bridge at sunset Winter Solstice

Tiger Lillies

Tiger Lilies 

Travel Theme Orange





Weekly Photo Challenge Frayed: Dancing Corn Maiden Keeps Summer Alive

Corn Tassels

Corn Tassels

When I saw the Weekly Photo Challenge was Fray I immediately thought of tasselled and frayed ends of corn silk which is abundant this time of year,a symbol of the end of gift of summer which is quickly coming to and. I had no images of them. Doing errands today I came upon this single stalk red of corn planted in a patch of land next to a parking lot off College Ave in Berkeley. The owner came out while I was there and said she didn’t plant it. So it is a volunteer or the work of a gorilla gardener. Only IN Berkeley!!
What fraud ends wrap around and keep summer alive a little long for you?

Parking stip corn

Parking stip corn

Nurturing Thursday: Be Stardust

We Are Made of Stardust

We Are  Stardust

What If

We are really made of of invisible particles
spinning around each other?
What if
We may not be as solid as we think?
What if
We are made of Peace,
Loving Kindness and
Knowledge that we are Stardust?

It seems like a good time to rework a post from last August. Perhaps an antidote this week’s news.
Who is ready to sparkle?

Go to http://youtu.be/SsGDiYlMFuk whole song We Are Stardust.
When I get up and dance I feel sparkly How about you?

Happy Nurturing Thursday Go there to see  Cauldrons and Cupcakes six week Kindness Challenge

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Tuesday Tryout: Comic Truth Telling A Robin Williams Memory

 Rows I Sat In

I came in lateIMG_0978
Sat down on the back pew
Didn’t know what the sermon was about.

Watched the tiny girl in the next row
as she was lovingly tended
by both of her grandparents.

I came home satisfied
I’d heard the message.

Carol Carlisle


One Thanksgiving Night
After eating too much
A gang of us went to a SF Comedy Club.

The guy behinds us kept laughing
Too loud, heckling the comic on stage
I look around It was Robin Williams

He went on stage and did a set
Then sat back down

Carol Carlisle

Margo Rody Tuesday Tryout ask for Comic Relief “Comic strips are structured like poems. Each window is a stanza; they have a beginning a middle and an end; somewhere between the beginning and the end there is a turn towards the end.  More important, is that the good ones convey some truth about the world, or people, or life, in a very few words and images”

I had wanted to tell both of these stories  and today’s challenge gave me the forum. Thanks Margo.

Phoneography: Black and White Views of Point Reyes and Silhouettes

Not The Usual Views of Point Reyes

Cyprus Trees

1-Cyprus Trees Tule elk Preserve

Wind Swept tree

2-Wind-swept tree

Abandon Ship

3-Abandon Ship Tamales Bay

Tamales Bay

4-Abandon Ship Tamales

Spirit Matters with Chickens

5-Spirit Matters with Chickens

Pt. Rayes is in an other world all it’s own. It is on an other continent. Well another continental plate the Pacifica Plate same as Hawaii or Japan. The Earth Quack of 1908 was centered at what is now the Visitors center.

Earthquake epicenter

Earthquake epicenter

imagesWhich Photo Do you prefer?

Lens and Pens

I realize this post also qualifies for Weekly Photo Challenge so I’m double dipping today.

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