WPC Motion Toward a Photo Lesson

Happy Dog

Happy Dog at high tide! Shot in native camera edited with Camera+

iPhoto Lesson 1

I teach an actual, brick and mortar so to speak, iPhotogrpahy class here in California and I ask my students to fallow my blog for examples of skills they haves learned in class and can practice on their own, Today it has occurred to me to share with my virtual friends. This Weekly Photo Challenge Motion seems a great place to stat

Hey iPhoto students, what forms of composition do you see at work in this picture that creates movement?

1.Rule of thirds
2 Movement of  animated dog  on the right third of image leading eye into picture.
3. Diagonal lines creating foreground, middle ground, leading the eye to the background.

I’m still figuring out how to manage this new adventure. But if you have an image that uses  my lesson and want to share it paste it into my comments of give me a pingback and we’ll all look at it just like in an actual class.


WPC Freeway Tilt-A-Whirl Ride


I promised myself I wouldn’t post any more of my iPhone billboards photos, BUT for this weekly Challenge we are to tell a story with Motion, so I couldn’t resist sharing the  tilt-a-whirl ride of driving over San Francisco on the 101.

I call this Weeeeeeee! 

Hope you enjoyed the ride.

Geometric Black and White Challenge Goes Out Out Of This World

Marble floor or space craft landing stip?

Marble floor or space craft landing stip?

The Mother Ship?

The Mother Ship?

The Old Post Office in San Francisco has been remodeled into a gorgeous modern office building that is
Out of This World!

My daughter works here, so every time I visit I try to capture a few images. There are many angles and contrasting eras in one space it takes my breath away so I only get a few at a visit. I will post more on Sally’s Monday Phoneography Challenges. These 2 fit today for Cee’s Black and White Geometric Shapes



Which Way Challenge: Signs in The City

A Night Time Drive Though San Francisco

Corner of Castro and Market

Corner of Castro and Market

Apple Billboard

San Francisco Apple Billboard shot at 20mph with iPhone 5s

From inside the car

Another Apple Billboard shot from inside the car

This is my second posting of the Apple billboards because I am totally fascinated and amazed by them. It seems these are images created by folks just like you and me. A blog friend passed on this WordPress post by a photographer of another one of the Billboards. See Brendan’s work Here.

All of my photos are shot on my humble iPhone 5s.

Tell me, which do you think creates a good image, the device or the eye of the photographer?

Posted in conjunction with Cee’s Which Way Challenge




Phoneography Black and White Challenge: Sweeping Landscapes

1-Bay View

1-Bay View

2-Bay View

2-Bay View

3-Bay view with Bay Bridge I-80 and Golden Gate Fields

3-Bay view with Bay Bridge I-80 and Golden Gate Fields

I’d Love to hear what you think of today’s Landscapes

19th century painter Albert Bierstadt was known for lavish sweeping landscapes  of an idealized American West on extremely large canvases.

Image-1 As I captured, the probably. final rain of the season offered a wealth of lavish cloudscapes over the San Francisco Bay and I  began to wonder what is equivalent to Bierstadts style and of art today. On a dive to San Francisco Saturday there where 5 scenic billboards the size of semi trailers on the 101 freeway. Looking closer I saw the caption Shot on iPhone 6. I was able to  capture one as we flew by. I couldn’t help adding my own caption. Could these billboards be the Bierstadtys of the 21st century?

Bill Board on 101

iPhone Bill Board on i-101 in SF

Lens and Pens Black and White Challenge

Cee’s Fun Photos Clouds

One Word Challenge Eigengrua

“intrinsic grey”:the color seen by the eye in perfect darkness


Curtain open slightly
morning sunlight leeks
rays of welcome
to a dark room
a new day begins

One word Challenge

You know photographers we’ll take picture any time any where:On a whim I took a photo of the ceiling with no idea I’d ever have a use for it. Didn’t it was an image of eigengrau. a new word for me, how about you?

Nurturing Ways

Maps Don’t Always Know Everything

DetourI took a long time getting here,
much of it wasted on wrong turns,
back roads riddled by ruts.
I had adventures
I never would have known
if I proceeded as the crow flies.
Super highways are so sure
of where they are going:
they arrive too soon.

A straight line isn’t always
the shortest distance
between two people.
Sometimes I act as though
I’m heading somewhere else
while, imperceptibly,
I narrow the gap between you and me.
I’m not sure I’ll ever
know the right way, but I don’t mind
getting lost now and then.
Maps don’t know everything.

~ Ruth Feldman ~
Nurturing Thursday also offers Learning As We Journey today.
More roads to fallow at Cee’s Which Way Challenge
The poem and the prompts all came my way by my inbox this morning.
I hope you find many road signs today as well.
Love to hear about them.
Many Blessings


Phoneography Macro Challenge: The Roses Are Ready for their Close-ups

Cecile Brunner and stone

Cecile Brunner bud and stone

The roses in my yard are in their full glory this week, A Month too early I wanted to photograph them so that they don’t look like images from a romantic garden catalogue. For this one I chose the the late afternoon light. I put the rose on the window sill next to a small stone I zoomed in with Camera+ even then I still needed to crop to bring the pair close up. This was framed with a vignette.

2-Cecile Brunner Rose

2-Cecile Brunner Rose Toon Camera edit

Old Rose

co kec


These are often called Mary’s rose said to have healing properties. I leave the hips on the plant all year because they are just as dramatic as the flowers.

Brave Bud

4-Winged Rose Bud

I counted 7 rose bushes in full bloom in the backyard this morning. The heat over the weekend opened these buds. A fine show but a little sad they’re like guest that arrive too early for a party, great to see them, but I’m just not ready for them.

Let me know what you think

What is blooming around you?

Sally’s Lens and Pens back East the keeper of the Monday Phoneograpy Challenge is still waiting for Spring blooms.

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