More Carnival for Cee’s Which Way Challenge


Rock-in-car and Officer Grumpy

Earth Truck

Earth Truck



Bike and buns


Heels and wheels

The road is less important than the vehicle but I think these means of getting around  are usual  and should make you smile for  Cee’s Which Way Challenge

Which way would you prefer?
I of course would want to be the queen on the float, not the gal in the heels.

People of Carnival for Sally D’s Mobile Photo Challenge

Irony of Carnival

Not form thrift town

1-Dancers/Not form thrift town

For those who don’t know Thrift Town is a  Mission District Landmark. It’s store that sells  just about every thing used.

Thrift Town Queen

2-Thrift Town Queen

Out of hundreds of photos and thousands of revelers at the parade how to I capture the the feeling of the Carnival Parade? How do I even get a well composed image?

3- Greeting Neptine

3- Greeting Neptune a walking puppet

The Officer seemed to be permanently stationed in front of where we sat so including him made made for interesting visual story. Sally’s Sally D’s Mobile Photo Challenge focused on shadows today. We haven’t seen the sun for days now so sorry now shadows.

3-My Daughter in profile

4- Must include My Daughter in profile the whole reason we where there

Many of you have asked to see my students work here are 2 collages   of their work!  Made with Grid app.

Grid 1

Grid 1

Grid 2

Grid 2

Love to hear what you think

Happy Monday


WPC: Broken And Mismatched

FullSizeRender Weekly Photo Challenge: Broken

I just can’t let go of all the old
broken and mismatched pieces of jewelry
Maybe their mates will show up or
I will put that amber bracelet back together
Until that time they rest
in shiny candy box
smelling of chocolate
and what once was.

Carol Carlisle

Do you have box of broken and mismatched treasures? Or have you seen my other angel earring?

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge 5 Pairs

Which Came First the Turkeys or the Eggs?

Doubled Yoked Egg

Doubled Yoked Egg! Looking at You!

Tandem Turkeys

Never yet  got picks of the chicks

Never yet got picks of the chicks. From all the gobbling lately there should be some soon, or at least  eggs…

Tandem boaters passing the twin towers of the Golden Gate Bridge

Double your fun with 2 pairs

Double your fun with 2 pairs

Time for a pair of Sandals

Pair of sandels

Welcome sandals season!

Couldn’t leave out George and Gracie Who  recently graced The Pink Challenge

Of Course This Challenge would not be Complete without the Resident Pink Flamingos

Of Course This Challenge would not be Complete without the Resident Pink Flamingos

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge Pairs


This Challenge was Too much fun.

I’m double dipping and adding One Word Challenge Hot to this collection. Hot Turkey love, fried eggs, bare toes and of course flamingo love all imply, Hot! I guess it has to be hot to boat on the Bay

Black and White Monday Mobile Photography Challenge: Skunk in the Garden

Perfect for Black and White Challenge!

Skunk and Flamingo

Skunk and Flamingo

I had something else for this morning but the hubby woke me with, “Do you want a picture of a skunk?” I change my plans.  I believe the skunk in Bambi was named Flower, right?

2-Flower The Skunk

2-Flower The Skunk

3-skunk just ate the cat's food

3-skunk just ate the cat’s food

If you read yesterday’s post you know I left food out for the cat, that’s the paper ing the foreground, here. Probably the black and white kitty came so close.

Photography note: I broke one of the iPhone shooting rules “don’t zoom/crop later. I got excited and wanted to see her up close. She came 4 feet from the back door and then I held my breath for more than one reason.

4- On the deck

4- Skunk on deck!

We may live in San Francisco Bay area but we live close to the Nature of Albany Hill.

To everyone in and around the Ba Area:

On Behalf of My iPhotography Students and Myself 
You are Cordially Invited to 
A Photography Exhibit Grand Opening of our Work 
Thursday May 21 3:30-7:00 Pm
Albany Senior Center
846 Masonic Ave Albany 94706
Carol Carlisle 

Happy Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge: Black and White

Thanks for stopping by let me know what you thank.



Odd Ball Cat Stories and Photo

Five Photos Five Stories

Yellow Cat (posing here on the fence) had taken up residents in our back yard. She has appeared in other posts, in flowerbeds while lounging in the sun. Last week I noticed that she was no longer around, since she was only an occasional visitor I didn’t thin too much about her absence, but  I did miss the flashes of yellow among the nasturtiums.  We have had many kitties pass through our yard since we no longer have a dog.

Yesterday; out in the laundry room which is part of the garage, seen here, I heard a plaintive  meow. Looking around I saw no critter but called out “kitty kitty” anyway. Sure enough shy yellow kitty appeared from the behind some paint cans, waited for me to step back and skittered past me like her tail was on fire! I don’t know how long she had been there but by the number of ribs sticking out three-day at least. But there probably our no mice in the garage for now. I put water and a bit of liver sausage out for her. and now she’s back decorating my fence.

Feline vision quest is what we have come to call these periods of missing cats. Back when it rained TaTa kept getting shut up under the house when we had to check the crawl spaces sump pump, back when it rained. That winter was peppered with rain thunder and cat yowls.
Artie had the longest sojourn away from the world when he got lock in the attic after someone after retrieved a suitcase and he went in when no one was looking. We were gone for a week. Being part Siamese she had a lot to say about her time in solitary confinement. We always wonder if he achieved enlightenment, but aren’t cats already highly evolved beings?  

Have your critters been on visions quests?


I want to thank Raewyns Decocrafts and Surfer Girl Terri Webster Scharndt for nominating me to do the 5 Photo 5 Stories  Challenge this is #2 the rose story was #1

Iam suppose to nominate someone else but I think most of you have already done this challenge so let me know if you haven’t and I’ll give you a pingback.

One Word Challenge Cloudy Leads to a Mother’s Day Story

Five Stories Challenge #1

Roses reaching for the clouds

Roses reaching for the cloud

The Mother”s Day Rose

This rose-bush was here when we moved in over 30 years ago I have no idea of its type or name but it seems to bloom just in time for Mother’s Day so when folks ask I say The Mother’s Day Rose. Dose anyone remember the Mother’s Day tradition of wearing to church red or pink roses if your mother was alive and white if she was not?  What if you didn’t have any roses? Oh now I remember my play mates and I made Kleenex flowers. It was a special treat to get the scented pink ones for the project.  Lets see we folded them into fans put a Bobbie-pin in the middle then opened them up.. For some reason we tore the edges and a big cloud of tissue was all over the dinning room table. Happy Mother’s day indeed!

Then agin how sad was it for those who didn’t have a living Mother? I’m glad we no longer have to wear designated colored roses for Mother’s Day!

For One Word challenge Cloudy and Nurturing Thursday

Fun Forces

FullSizeRenderPink Snow

Pink Snow from Flowering Cherry

Pink Snow from Flowering Cherry

Magnolia and Cracked Wall

Weekly Photo Challenge wants Forces of Nature and Cee’s Fun Fotos  wanted to pick a topic from her fotos. Not sure any of these pics work for any of that but it’s

Tuesday Tell Me:
What story can you make out of these three fotos?

Phoneography and Non-SLR Digital Devices Photo Challenge: Macro Aloe Vera Flower


1-Aloe vera bloom


2-Aloe with Camera+ Ansel filter


3-Aloo Vera and table edge

Last year when this bloomed I didn’t take the time and patience  to capture a decent image of these pencil lead size blossoms. Inspired by Sally’s Macro images of tulip petals I went for it this year.  No matter how close get I still cannot see the spider webs with my naked eye.

To give you an idea of the size I played with the Hipstmatic App Allen introduced us to last week. Now I see why I have so few photos from the time an Instamatic was the only camera I had. It is hard to get an image of what I was shooting for. Getting up close was not  much of an option. Colors are outrageous though!

4-Hipstamatic "close-up"

4-Hipstamatic “close-up”

Can’t wait to see what you did this week. I wonder what you think of my wanderings down the rabbit hole of Macro photography.