Laughter and Bright Saris

These ladies in their beautiful saris certainly make me smile.

I wish I could here what they were saying. I was sitting in a sandwich shop when I saw them come out of the movie theater across the street.

Fortunately I had my camera and was able to get a few shots through the window as they chatted on the corner and  then crossed the street and disappeared around the corner to an Indian Restaurant.

You might like to know the movie playing at the theater was Salmon Fishing in Yemen.

PS. Remember I live in a small SF Bay suburb, not Kathmandu.

5 thoughts on “Laughter and Bright Saris

  1. So beautiful! I love seeing folks from different cultures, especially when they’re close-knit, I’ve always had a fascination for interpersonal relationships. Thanks for sharing, your photos made me smile too. 🙂


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