Celebrating the First Viewing of Our Indigo Earth

Thank you to APOD for this this awe inspiring view of Earth all dressed up in indigo. Last week on my iris blog there was a discussion of the 6 proofs of existence of God. I don’t know if this photo proves anything or ask more questions, I just know it makes me glad to be alive.

On another April 12th, in 1961,

Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Alexseyevich Gagarin became the first human to see planet Earth from space. Commenting on his view from orbit he reported, “The sky is very dark; the Earth is bluish. Everything is seen very clearly”. To celebrate, consider this recent image from the orbiting International Space Station. A stunning view of the planet at night from an altitude of 240 miles, it was recorded on March 28. The lights of Moscow, Russia are near picture center and one of the station’s solar panel arrays is on the left. Aurora and the glare of sunlight lie along the planet’s gently curving horizon. Stars above the horizon include the compact Pleiades star cluster, immersed in the auroral glow.

4 thoughts on “Celebrating the First Viewing of Our Indigo Earth

    • yes I popped up to the space station before breakfast to get this shot. But I do recommend that you check out APOD for more great Astronomy Pictures of the Day. You must remember the first maned space flight, too. Your that old 😉


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