The Second Sunday of May

Back in the day on

the second Sunday of May

we wore flowers

red for Mothers alive

white for Mothers  dead?

One tradition I’m so glad

fell away.

For Mothers remembered or here

let’s wear corsages with

ribbons of love

for She who

call us all

near today.

10 thoughts on “The Second Sunday of May

  1. There are so many thoughts that come to mind, I just sat looking at the computer. The mother / daughter relationship can be pretty stormy. So my inner child brought wild daisies to my inner mother. Celebrating the Earth Mother today.


    • Your comment brings teas to my eyes you got what I meant to say. You recognized the She.
      Inner child bringing wild daisies to your inner mother may it be so for us all! Thank you. Happy Earth Mother Day.


  2. Good one Carol. I remember when I was small and Dad used to make me wear a red rose to church on Mothers Day. I was so embaressed!! Well, just a kid thing I guess because I’d do it today. Brought back memories.



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