Patterns of Venus, Patterns of Life

 Bee Sacred to The goddess of Love examines lovers woven into a Celtic knot, all thing are connected

Fresh from the hive this bee is enjoying the intricate pattern of a Celtic knot. He creates his own design in the hive. Perhaps this skill was learned from the Planet Venus which makes a five pointed star pattern as she rotates around the Sun and crosses the path of the Earth.

Learn more from NASA or even watch today’s Transit live.

3 thoughts on “Patterns of Venus, Patterns of Life

  1. Love the Pentagram of Venus animation, Carol. This is how ostinatos work in music – each pattern has its own length and at certain points they align, then go their own way until the next time. Ah, cosmic music – Kepler knew what he was talking about!


  2. yes the music of the spheres! Now I have to look up ostinatos but listening to good Bluegrass music I think I get how one pattern weaves into the next. I am reading the History of Astrology which doesn’t distinguish between that and astronomy. Kepler seems to be Grandfather of Sky Science! Your comments are so educational I look forward to them.


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