Weekly Photo Challenge: Close (Encounter with a Bee)

I was up close and personal with the Passion flower with my new IPhone

when the bee joined us and hung around

posed on the poesy for several shots.

I didn’t even think I had captured her

upon a closer examination there she was,

very well camouflaged

all dressed up with fancy stripped frock


the whiskers on the flower.

This comes close to beeing a poem 😉 I can’t beelieve the pictures I took with my camera phone. Dick Tracy with his “2 way wrist radio” was close to right.  I wish my father was around to see this.

Happy Father’s Day!

6 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Close (Encounter with a Bee)

    • So glad to introduce you to something knew. They bloom on a vigorous vine much like trumpet vines and are somewhat tropical. Something else you will undoubtedly see on your travels 🙂 . Oh yes I am going to become a busy bee with my camera phone.


  1. What a lovely photo! I love taking pictures of the bees in our garden. They are particularly drawn to our bird bath = they love the water.


  2. Now I know where all the bee’s have gone. They are in short supply around this part of the country for some reason. Send a few back to us.
    Beautiful picture!!!!!!



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