Dancing With The Moon Light

Last night’s nearly Full Moon. When I couldn’t  hold the Camera still I danced with it instead.
Full Moon in Capricorn
Tuesday  July 3 • 11:52 am PDT
Moon in Capricorn whets our ambition and tests our sense of humor. It’s time to put sweat-equity into our dreams; organize, build, manifest ideals. Manage our world, but let others manage themselves. Set clear short-term goals and feel the joy of accomplishment. Tend to foundations, ancient history, roots of trees.
—Heather Roan Robbin


After the dance

The plums,

Dark red globes

Against green leaves

Hang low

Bending the branch

To nearly breaking.

The more I picked

This morning

The more there were.

Perhaps it was the


Low in the south

Bouncing off the


Creating long


The plums

Swell  then


At the pull

Of the moon’s

Soft wisher

“I love you”

Carol Carlisle 

written June 3 2007 it works for today

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