The Elephant in The Bakery

Once Upon A Time there was an elephant that lived in a bakery. He was neither happy nor sad but maybe a little lonely.  No one ever talked to him or even acted like they knew he was there.

Everyday he would just watch as the man and the woman made big warm loaves of taste bread. Sometimes he carried wood for the fire or washed the dishes, because he was a good elephant.

One day they made Lemon Poppy & Sunflower bread.

Because of the perfect combination of ingredients he woke up as if from a  magic spell.  “What am I doing in a bakery I am a wild animal. I belong outside in the sunshine! I want to see a sunflower not eat them.”

Because he wanted to see sunflowers and poppies and lemons that very minute he got up and walked straight out of the bakery.  The man and woman who had never noticed him suddenly felt very sad but they didn’t know why.

As soon as the elephant was outside he was greeted by a little girl who asked him his name. He thought and thought what his name could be until finally he remember the only words he knew from paper sign on the bread so he said “Sunflower.”

“I will call you Sunflower and you can play with me in the garden and come home and live with me.”
That is just what he did. But sometimes he would lift his trunk to sniff the big warm loaves of freshly baked bread. And Sunflower the Elephant and the little girl lived happily ever after in the garden next to the bakery.

The man and woman, for no reason that they could really think of, painted an elephant on one the wall of their bakery, and had a big fancy poster made for the other wall of wild furred finned and feathered beings After that they begin to call the place, where Sunflower the elephant once lived, Wild Flour Bread and they where no longer sad. Maybe they were even Happy.

    I wrote this as a prompt from Free Write Friday  It is to in the form  Pixar uses, and I must say, so many other tales of enchantment:

Once upon a time….

Every day…..

One day….

Because of that…

Because of that…

Until finally….

I had these pictures of the real Wild Flour Bread  and it’s wonderful garden where all the Sunflower seeds come, in my camera from this last weekend wanderings in Sanoma County. This is just as good a story as any, as to why there is an Elephant in the Bakery!

22 thoughts on “The Elephant in The Bakery

  1. What a beautifully sweet tale! Adored every line! I will be bookmarking this and sharing it with my neice, she loves to write stories and I know she will love this as much as I do! A favorite for me! =) Also, thanks for introducing me to Wild Flour Bakery….wonder if the ship? =) ♥


  2. OMG you brought tears of joy to my eyes. I so had in mind a little girl bedtime story when I wrote it. Go ahead a share it but I may put a copyright on it because I can see the book. I have more pictures, too.Totally inspired me to get back to my story telling roots. 🙂 Say hi from Carol to your niece. Don’t know if they ship because people eat it so fast.


  3. You did good Carol. Neat story.
    I thought of you this morning when I was watching the OSU Extension Gardening show on TV this morning. They had gone up to Miami, OK to a beauitful garden a retired man had hand done. So unreal and what an imagination he had. I thought you would probably use up all the memory on your camera taking pictures there. You would have enjoyed it.



    • There having garden tours today around here. And I have a new garden. We took down an old fence and a tree now I have a big sunny spot to fill with pretties…or just go sit in the sun. Thanks for thinking of me. 🙂 Neal!


      • One of the things that I really liked in that garden was made out of an old window, it had 9 window panes in it at one time, and mounted it between two 4″x 4″ posts and put a window box at the bottom like they used to put on houses. It was put out in the middle of their rock garden and they had planted flowers in the box. It was so neat. (anyway I thought so) And of course they had taken the glass out of it. Wish I could send you a picture of it. Just seems like something you would do.
        I think when my knee gets better I may make one. (???) (Mary says she’ll never see it, but I may surprise her. lol



          • Are you trying to say “when is my birthday”? I don’t have them anymore. . . . Oh well, it’s the 26th, just next week. I am planning on making it too!!! Gee, I’ll be 71. Crap that’s old. Hee, hee

            Neal (since you use my name I will too. lol)


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