Wonder Wednesday 8: Full Moon Round Sounds

The Full Moon and the Olympics bring out the ooo’s and awe in all of us.

Try writing purposefully choosing round sounds.

OOOO-coo, moon June, soon, Judy Bloom, but also try museum  or just mew (Sun’s in Leo now) ooooo!

Awe-paw, law, caw and jaw dropping wonderful as well as wave your magic wand…

Om-home, foam, dome, chrome, and gnome…

Wow-pow, cow, chow and howl…

Oh-go, dough, crow and community, everyone om’s for peace on Full Moon nights or so I hear.

What make you go AWE in August?

Even if you don’t write try thinking with awesome round sounds it feels so good. I’m awfully sure there’s more ooos and awes!

If you do write a poem, song or story  for this prompt let me share in my comments so others can read your words and give WW a nod in yours. No time limit.

Crowning Crone and My Words Alive  Both posted awesome poems on last weeks prompt Ripening. Please go see their work.

Have a wonderful time writing.

6 thoughts on “Wonder Wednesday 8: Full Moon Round Sounds

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  2. Our full moon was so lovely lastnight, and I wish I’d taken my camera out to get a shot of it. Didn’t do the round sounds for this, but took my inspiration from the moon.


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