The Clouds Gather! Chevron Refinery Fire

Smoke Signal

As the smoke rose on the horizon

we drove up  the hill where

we cried and complained,

we snapped pictures

with our phones

that come all the way from China

Whoza! whoza! How dare

the oil company pollute our world!

This is not to say I don’t feel for the people who’s health is affected by a foolish human error. I am one of them. I have lived close to oil refineries for a good deal of my life, my dad worked for Conoco. I can say, with assurance, there has always been and there will always be accidents.  Chevron is us as long as we are dependent on the internal combustion engines.

Can you name one simple thing you will do to cut down the use of your car?

Ok I’ll start: I will be a better shopper. I will get everything I need when I go to grocery store so I don’t have to drive back 3 times a day!

Weekly Photo Challenge Used a Picture of This Same Fire as there example of Wrong so I am Claiming this as my offering Weekly Phot Challenge Wrong   It does seem “wrong” to have such a mysteriously beautiful image be so destructive. AND GAS PRICES SKY ROCKED this week because of it.

12 thoughts on “The Clouds Gather! Chevron Refinery Fire

  1. Lessons learned as a child, at the feet of a master… My mother always made a list on her (usually) once a week trip into town. It was a very comprehensive list, written in order of our route (so as to avoid wasting time and gas) while paying bills, picking up necessities at various shops, then finally dropping my brother and me at the library to browse the stacks so that she could pick up the groceries in peace before we returned home.


    • Deb thank you for the lovely tribute to your mother as well as lessons we all could learn. I also remember being dropped of at the library on trips down town, wonderful moments:)


  2. I walk or use a bicycle. For long distances I use the train or bus. Public transportation is a good option over here so I decided years ago I don’t need a car.


  3. One thing to do to not drive so much is move to the town of Yale, OK. Nothing to do, and no place to go to. Well, maybe the Dollar General, but that’s only 2 blocks away. lol Sure don’t want to drive the 22 miles to Stillwater unless you have to. We just spent the week up there and probably saved enough gas for the trip. Ha
    Anyway, there is so many things we can do to save . . . . if we’d just do it!!!



    • That was my parents philosophy about driving to the desert every winter to save on heating bill. Yale sounds fun. As I remember it is pretty too. I wondered what you would think of our local refinery fire, too.


      • That refinery fire photo reminded me of the fire at Conoco in Ponca City one night when I was little. As close as we were the fire lit up our yards. They put it out in about an hour though. That fire left me with a little fear of maybe a bigger fire. Always kinda worried about that. Could be because someone at Conoco called Dad and he went to the refinery. Not sure why though. Boy that was a long time ago!!!


        • I do remember the yard being lit up by fires or just the big burn off flames. Conoco and fires were just part of life in Ponca. It’s good that people get upset around here when there is a fire maybe they will take more precautions..


          • I bet you do remember the burn off flames when the regulator went out on one of them. The flame was shooting over 100 feet high. It also lit up our yards. Could read a newspaper at 10:00 at night. That went on for several weeks before they got the parts to repair it.
            And the smell from the refinery. Whew. I think the EPA finally took care of that. Anyway, my dad always said “it smelled like money to him”. lol



  4. OMG the smell. I remember every saying how “you could read a news paper by the light” of that flame. It was hard to sleep it was so bright. I think it was summer. One more reason to be “from” Ponca City far from Ponca! 😉


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