Bridging The Space Between Self & Community

Fiery Leo Full Moon slips into View August 17.

Usually a time of quiet and meditation to reflect  and make plans for the next 28 days .  It will take effort, stealth and commitment to find a time or place to focus this month. Use the tools at hand, breath when and where ever you can-this will give us the fuel we need for creative solutions to all the twist and turns of the many challenging celestial alignments now and ahead of of us.

What’s the Star Story of now?

Venus opposite Pluto-Time to dive deep into root issues of family of origin; whether you thought you where done with it or not  there’s always another layer to peal off the onion to through into the cauldron of change.

Mars Conjunct Saturn-Serious strong willed self centered issues collide.  Now that you have been informed you can step aside of the shrapnel to play the peace maker. Time to practice the Four Fold Way: 1 Show up 2 Ask for what you want 3 Listen  4 Express gratitude. Then start over if need be.

Uranus Square (at odds with) Pluto for the next 2 years: Time to finish what we started in the 1967-69. Go Deep into cultural change. At the same time be aware of where you are personally maturing…taking resolvability. How did it feel to see our icon Paul McCarthy old and croaking but still singing and to hear John Lennon’s ” Imagine” song by a children’s chior at the Olympics? Just the kind of time warp and wake this alignment can bring.

Sun Enters Virgo August 23: Time to “Come Together, Right Now” we have gone as far as we can go on our own this year. It’s no wonder people go back to school and work in late August.  Virgo, The Shepherdess, calls us to gather together and create community. August 31 a Blue Moon, will shine light on the choices you can make to keep you and your beloveds on the best path for All Beings.

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