Wonder Wednesday: The Grandmother Clock and You

a little off kilter but still ticking

How do you see yourself in relation to time or aging or the rhythms of life?  What story of wisdom and endurance might this *grandmother clock have to tell?

You can, also, think about all of the analogies and phrases we use every day about time:

doing time, time is on your side, biological click is ticking, the ravages of time,and we have all the time in the world. I’m sure there are more…

If you want to participate  in Wonder Wednesday take a second and mull over these suggestions then set a timer and free write about time.  You may find out you can get a lot done in 7 minutes when you you let yourself go. Asked the inner critic to stand in the corner( spell check can fix a lot of mistakes later)

Post what you wrote on your blog with a link to Wonder Wednesday and pass on your link to Light Words and come back and see what others have written too.  There is no time limit on when to post your work and you have permission to use this photo I just ask that you say Photo by Carol Carlisle.

*This was my grandmother’s clock it often was called a kitchen, a shelf clock or a grandmother clock because it was smaller than a grandfather clock and because it usually sat on a shelf usually in the kitchen.

Have fun..times-a-wastin’  so get busy  😉

7 thoughts on “Wonder Wednesday: The Grandmother Clock and You

  1. Amazing, how did you manage to get this, with the face behind the clock and the woodwork of the clock extending the woman’s shoulders??? The neckline of the dress fitting with the circular edge of the clock? When I was young, I thought I had all the time in the world. Now, I see how precious it is and how little is left. I have already lived 85% of my life. That fact is sobering. (and that number could be much higher)


    • Well do I give away the secret of the photo? Maybe later. I’ll let other folks guess about it for now. 😉
      Considering you are only 6 months older than I am the number’s are sobering but look at your mom and the gals in my writing group. I’m hoping for another 25 or 30 years, but I may run out of money first.


  2. What an unusual neckless you have on Carol. And the growth on your arms and hips??? Oh well, I guess that could be your dress. But most of all, with the hands on your nose you should never be late. Neat picture!!



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