Sunday Post: Morning Critters and Haiku

Good morning rooster

A Morning Haiku

Squeaky gate call

awakened me this morning.

Welcome home geese!

Jakesprinters suggested the theme “morning ” I suspect he wanted us to post photos of that time of day, but these critters that wake us up called to me this morning.Β  Literally, the first geese of fall really did wake me up today as they flew low over my house on their way to soccer field down the street.

May the creatures in your life awaken you to the wonders of a new day. Do you have consciousness raising critters in your life?

FYI my alarm is a duck quack.

11 thoughts on “Sunday Post: Morning Critters and Haiku

  1. We should be seeing Geese heading thru this part of the world pretty quick now. Always a joy to watch them. Also gives us a lot to think about . . . a change in seasons and etc. I always enjoy the fall when the leaves start changing colors and then start falling, Geese heading south. Just a time to reflect on this beautiful world that God has given us to enjoy.
    Now for the rooster . . . a couple of them are across the street from us in Yale. Really enjoy hearing them because it brings back memories of my childhood and going to the farm at Tonkawa.



    • It was funny how the geese know it’s September. The salt plains have a lot of water fowl flying through there as I remember. I’m surprised the rooster doesn’t drive you crazy crowing all the time. As always thinks for the childhood memories. πŸ˜€


      • I do believe that the Salt Plains has a lot of Geese and etc flying thru. For some reason S.E. Oklahoma have a lot of them too. Maybe because of the huge lake that is just north of us. Maybe they get thirsty or need a bath. lol
        So far the roosters haven’t bothered us. He does put them in at night. That’s good!! But I used to think that they crowed only in the mornings. WRONG!! Here them all the time. Guess were used to them though and just don’t notice it.


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