Weekley Photo Chalange: Renewal A Walk In The Woods

A Walk in The WoodsAt your feet there are plants growing out of stones

Trees and Ferns Mingle to calm and restore

Finally you must stop to breath it all in,


For Weekly Photo Challenge Renewal  I chose a walk through Berkeley ‘s Native plant garden. It just so happens to be where we were married 26 years ago. Where do you go to be reminded breath and connect with the Earth?

13 thoughts on “Weekley Photo Chalange: Renewal A Walk In The Woods

  1. A walk in the woods. Loved it when I was a “kid” and still do. There is just something about it that is so relaxing. Used to go to Lake Ponca to walk in the woods. That was one of the few places with big trees. Now we can go to the farm south of Yale and walk around in the woods. Still relaxing . . . especially after I “catch my breath” a few times. lol Yes, used to run thru the woods, but no more. Just walk!! When I go to the farm at Yale a lot of times we’ll see a deer or two, and also wild turkeys. And then get to the river and watch it awhile. Today would have been such a perfect day to do that, but I’m not able to do it yet. Well, enough on that.



  2. Lake Ponca Park was one of my favorite places to run around, I do remember those big oaks and the giant acorns. I hope they are still there. I know a lot of elms are gone. We are losing oaks out here to sudden oak death… Well any way there are still red woods we have a big ceder tree in our yard. I hope you are able to get up and around by Christmas!


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