NaPoWriMo Day 29 What Is My Name



Carolina de Cerrito

I wish I could be called by my

nombre verdad, my true name.

In Mexico I was called Carolina de Cerrito

In the US they call me Carol Hill

My parents brought me here when I was small

We came at night in the back of a truck

I dont remember, I was just told

Carolina now you are Carol,

this is a better place you will go to school

become a doctor, a nurse, a teacher.

Forget the mole y tamale, arroz con pollo,

los canciones.

I went to school and earned good grades

learned the Star Spangled Banner.

Now I want to study to be a teacher

but I can’t  because I came in a truck and can’t forget

the flavors, the songs or my true name.

Now I am called a Dreamer.

Ms Q asked us to change our name and say what this person wished for. I thought of this story because I am working on a fundraiser that will give part of the proceeds to an organization that helps young people who came here illegally as a child and can’t get an education because of their immigrant status. They are of course called “Dreamers.”

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14 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Day 29 What Is My Name

  1. I have always wondered how changing one’s name affected a person. My mother’s Sicilian parents named her Annunciata, after the Annunciation of the Virgin Mary. The school in Omaha, Nebraska changed it to Nancy. I imagine everyone’s story is different. My cousins and I laugh about our forebears settling in Omaha????

    • Seems other’s have similar stories. I like to be Carolina sometimes even though I’m very Anglo It makes me feel light and dancy! Interestingly I had an Aunt called Omah who was from Omaha!

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