Phoneography: Black and White Springing


It took a lot a of discipline to post in black and white with all the colors exploding around me. I went to an exciting app to express how I feel about spring! I cropped tiny flowers out of a much larger iPhone photo then added dramatic color in Phototoaster, for the stain glass effect I used Percolator. Finally back to Phototoster for the dramatic B&W.

Begonia/ iphone native camera

Begonia/ iphone native camera

Gate opens to let in Spring

Red Bud limbs and open gate

Red Bud limbs and open gate

Finally Fun with a Turkey:

I posted this turkey in color yesterday

I posted this turkey in color yesterday.

Which photo bests says “Welcome Spring” ?

Lens and Pens

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15 thoughts on “Phoneography: Black and White Springing

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  2. The photo of the turkey looks like the turkey’s caught in the wires or jumping off the roof! That really gave me pause for a moment. That first one is very 60’s looking. Have to check into that app. (More apps—Heeeeeeeeeeeeelp!)



    • If remember to use constant shooting with the iphone then I could get the turkey out of the wire next time… 60’s yes it does look like one of those posters whe had on our walls back then…for apps I use Phototoaster all the time there are so many choices with it. Good luck .


  3. I love the work you had to have put in on that first photo! I really love the light in the red bud/gate photo…I can almost imagine opening the gate and everything on the other side is in techni spring color!


    • Thanks for noticing the work on the first on, Angeline.
      I think the gate needs a poem to go with it for spring equinox…
      Oh what an idea opening into color!…I bet I could find an app to do that 😉


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