Phoneography: Tracking Animals in The Setting Sun

1.Bear Paw

1.Bear Paw in the evening sunlight

I thought you might enjoy these foot prints because, for the first day of spring I posted Mary Oliver’s Spring about a bear coming out of her cave, It begins…

a black bear
has just risen from sleep
and is staring…
and continues:
I think of her,
her four black fists
flicking the gravel,
2. Bear paws

2. Bear paws

Some clever person enhanced the sidewalk with animal tracks on a new bridge over newly restored Strawberry Creek. It is on UC Berkeley property home of the Golden Bears!  How they made the bird tracks is a mystery. Any thoughts on what process they used. Now why, I answer with why not?

3. Bird tracks

3. Bird tracks

4. Bird tracks

4. Bird tracks iPhone 4s

I had been here before but never noticed the tracks. It took seeing them in the setting which created enough contrast to make them show up. The dramatic shadows are an added bonus of shooting photos at the “Golden Hour”. It’s almost like the critters are trying to hide behind the railings. I looked around to see where they might be…

Which photo tells the story best?

Created by Sally Donatello go to her site Lens and Pens if you want to participate or learn more about photography with non traditional devises.

All photos shot on my iPhone 4s in native camera and no app enhancements. Again I say time of day makes a big difference!


16 thoughts on “Phoneography: Tracking Animals in The Setting Sun

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  2. Very charming. I love the lines you related to the bear paws. Very cool. I have a picture of bird prints in the snow that look so much like these I laughed. Great whimsy. Meredith


  3. Neat images – I like number three – just enough information in the image to leave the viewer wondering about what happened? who did this? Is that really in cement? 🙂


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  5. Well, I am a big fan of bears, so the bear paws call to me, but the little bird tracks in photo number 4 are very effective. Wonderful use of sun and shadow.


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