Phoneography: One Photo Many Images


Purple haze from phototoster give little white flowers some drama.

Color Perculator

Percolator over purple haze


scanned into native phone then edited

scanned and percolated

scanned and percolated


Original photo can you find the image I used?

Which treatment do you like best?

Lens and Pens

18 thoughts on “Phoneography: One Photo Many Images

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  2. I will happily join the majority – I liked the first two photos – maybe the second percolated one just a wee bit better!


  3. I love the percolated color image! Did you say it was in photo toaster? I wasn’t going to invest in another paid app, but this effect rocks! And yes I see where you got the image, but you flipped it you sly one! πŸ˜‰


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