Day 7 A Love Poem

A pair of Dancing bears

A pair of Dancing bears

Two bears dancing
caught in one anther’s gaze

captured my attention
on the road to Pt Reyes
flagged me down
flapping in the breeze

Banner of love
out for all to see
I want you to belong to me.

Two bears dancing
grace my kitchen wall
dearest lovers of one another
I stand before you hoping

just one glance will make
my heart sing
Looking over all who enter
here I willing share our love.

10 thoughts on “Day 7 A Love Poem

    • Marilyn, Wow you remember my bears and saved them. So happy they keep bringing joy. FYI this image is taken from a larger painting of a whole hillside of dancing bears I had seen it in a Hotel and wanted a copy but was so thrilled when I found this simple banner. You have my permission to use the picture if you ever find a reason.
      Big bear hug.


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