Prisoner’s Poem No Blood Moom

All I saw of last nights moon

All I saw of last night’s moon

narrow view

vein moon

no rose moon seen

no woven views wows

we mourn

we crow

no rose moon

no crow moves

no use

woman moon move





Carol Anon

I was told and told every one to get up in the middle of the night to see the blood moon during a total eclipse. All I saw fog. What should I expect living in an area famous for its “fog on little cat feet?”T he sky was blood-red through the clouds for a moment or two. Because my view was so limited last night, it seems right that today’s poem would have the constraint of the:

Prisoner Poem “Imagine a prisoner whose supply of paper is restricted. To put it to fullest use, he will maximize his space by avoiding any letter extending above or below the line (b,d,f,g,h,j,k,l,p,q,t and y) and use only a,c,e,i,m,n,o,r,s,u,v,w,x and z. Compose a poem using only words that can be made from these letters AND which you source from your newspaper text.”

thank you Margo Rody

Did any of you see the blood moon?

send pictures

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