Enjoy Earth Day with Silly Poetry

Chicken In a Hat

The Chicken In a Hat  that inspired this poem

What Kind of Meal Is That?

Is a chicken in a silly hat

happier than a chicken in a pot

with yucky celery and a stinky carrot?

Let’s pretend she is a Zombi Chicken Gal

She can become our new pal.

It’s plain you see we made her smile

As she dances on the stove

In her hat of purple onions and a garlic clove.

How about we invite her friend from school

The Goat Fish Ghoul?

To make sure there is enough to serve

We’ll mix up some gruel with a Ghost Cat herb

and add, of course, crunchy wing of Vampire Bat.

What kind of meal is that?

Carol Carlisle 4/22/14
Did I leave any creature out?
Please feel free to add your own.
Oh no, I just remembered Godzilla
He Rhymes with???


NaPoWriMo: Today, I challenge you to write a poem for children. I took my cue from Shel Silverstein who knew that children liked anything silly and yucky, the yuckier the better. This was designed to make even the grumpiest grown-up let down their chin and grin 😀

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