Poetry Day 23: Pablo Neruda Loosely Translated

 Find a poem in a language you don’t know, and translate it into English based on the look of the words and their sounds.

Neruda Murel

Neruda Mural in Santiago, Chile

Pablo Neruda Translated

My English Transaction 
Treacherous mama rescued
passed the time playing solitaire
a sin that tests, hi ho
to the solders, violent delegates,
heavenly lines, fetching silver.

Poem Spanish
Tequendama, recuerda
solitario paso en las alturas
sin testimonio, hilo
de soloedades, voluntude delgada,
linea celeste, flecha de platino.

Spanish is so beautiful just to look at, I do know some but not enough to really understand or translate. I turned off my brain and just went by appearance of the words, and I didn’t look across to the translated page and I won’t look until after I press publish. I respected the obvious word celeste that must be sky or heaven. I also didn’t want to be too silly because I love and respect Neruda’s work.

Neruda's Home

Neruda’s Home

My Daughter did her Study Abroad in Chile and brought home these photos.

Thanks NaPoWriMo           Happy Writing and Reading!




7 thoughts on “Poetry Day 23: Pablo Neruda Loosely Translated

  1. Ahhh… That is lovely! Mine just turned out like gibberish, but this one actually reads like a proper (though abstract) poem!


    • Gibberish is good! I thought of translated the Jabberwocky. There’s a fun challenge.. Sometimes it is a good practice to let thing not make scenes…letting go…kinda like sky!
      Happy writing.


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