Poetry day 28: from the edge of consciousness

Hospital haiku with a little help from a friend:
I’m feeling dopey
Waiting to get my new hip
Hope doc gets here soon

And some pre-op doggerel:
When I wanted to walk in the hills
I had to take a lot of pills
So I talked to the doctor
Who said he could cure all my ills
He’d give me a new hip joint
And this morning I got the point
Of the needle full of drugs
I want go down to a juke joint
But I’m dressed in a paper gown
So I guess I’m not goin’ downtown
Till after I get my new joint.
So hurry up Doc
I’m ready to rock!


13 thoughts on “Poetry day 28: from the edge of consciousness

  1. Lots of good wishes coming your way
    for the fastest of healing and smallest of pai – n
    Doesn’t quite rhyme, but the thought is there!


  2. Carol, I’ve missed you. Now I know where you are. I guess you’re just a hop, skip and a jump from returning and doing a little hiking.

    Your poem reminded me of a New Yorker cartoon many years ago. A very sophisticated dog waiting patiently by his very sophisticated owner in an easy chair reading the dog’s current work. Caption: I don’t know. It looks like doggerel to me.


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