Works of Fabric Art With Meaning

Wearable Poetry

Wearable Poetry

Quilt of Tee Shirts From Berkeley Family Camp

Quilt of Tee Shirts From Berkeley Family Camp

Much love and many tears went into this quilt because the camp burned to the ground only a few weeks before in deviating wild fire near Yosemite.

As I write friends and family are preparing to evacuate because of wild fires in San Diego County.

Art is a powerful tool for voicing deep heartfelt desires and giving meaning to the unthinkable. What ways have you seen such expressions?

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9 thoughts on “Works of Fabric Art With Meaning

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  3. Quilting is an art in itself. Some really beautiful things, ideas and especially how a person thinks have been done thru quilting. Mary is involved in our local quilt group and quilts all the time. She loves it. Me . . . . . . well I look at them and say “wow” or something like that. lol


  4. One of the things I am enjoying as we cross France is the representation, in various art forms, of women as real, sublime, and eloquent human beings. None of the using the female body to sell cars etc that we see in N.A. It sends out a very powerful message of respect and love somehow.


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