Phoneography: Black and White Animals and Plants

Basco focused on a ground squirrel

1-Basco focused on a ground squirrel at Point Isabel

I know this dog was named Basco because the owner kept calling but he was too focused to “come”. I noted him while we were out in the freezing Summer Solstice wind for sunset viewing. I hope you don’t mind I include in color even if this is a Black and white challenge.

Sun setting far north of Mount Tam

2-Sun setting far North of Mount Tam

Note the white caps

Ladybug on artichoke leaf

3-Ladybug on artichoke leaf

I thank her for keeping the aphid population in check

Planimals at the Bancroft Garden

4- Sepia Planimals at the Blake Gardens Kensington 

Not a topiary but a disease on Tower of Jewels Echium. Makes good photography however.

Elephant sculpture with rabbit shadow puppet

5- Benny Bufano Elephant sculpture decorated with leafy shadows .

I’m slow today because I’m watching Chile vs Holland World Cup match. Have to be for Chile because our daughter studied there.

Happy first Monday of Summer which photo captures your fancy today?

Lens and Pens Black and white Challenge




13 thoughts on “Phoneography: Black and White Animals and Plants

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  3. Love black and white. I like the dog and the ladybug. The lady bug picture reminds
    me of the one I took during photography class in high school. It was a “roly poly” on the brick post on our front porch. You probably saw it sometime in the olden days. lol
    Anyway, I received an “A” on that photograph. Hey, still have it too.



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