Poem To Sage



before dawn

before dawn

arriving before dawn with the song of the dove
arriving at the edge of the earth
with nowhere else to go

crossing the Arkansas River bridge
with its wooden board exploding like fire works

sage escorts me to the next world
scraggly plant
wise person
act of purification

entering her presence
I slow down
breathing becomes a prayer
blessed and blessing
thanks be to sage.

Carol Carlisle




Margo Rody asked us to write a poem using a powerful sensory word I chose sage not knowing where it would lead, It became a prayer.

Daily Post 7/17/14 Nosey Delights

9 thoughts on “Poem To Sage

  1. The Arkansas river bridge with it’s wooden boards . . . . .boy does that bring back memories. After I sold my Mothers house in Ponca City, I went around taking pictures of things, and one was the old Arkansas bridge east of Ponca. I took almost a whole roll of film of that bridge. Even from underneath. Ah, the “olden” days. lol
    Good poem!!



  2. I love the word sage. Always have, for its sound alone. Then I met sage brush in western novels, then sage seasoning, and finally burning sage to carry prayers. This is lovely, Carol, especially the last three lines.


    • Thanks Margo
      How could an Ode to Sage not become a prayer.
      I had to reclaim the power of sage after my daughter had to find the “right color” of sage to wear as a bridesmaid…just saying sage made everyone flinch as we shopped a sage dress for six months…turns out all three girls found dress that matched , but I still shiver just a little …
      Blessed be sage 😉
      Thought you might like the story…


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