Baseball, Sand Painting and Ancient Poetry

Sand Painting

Japanese Sand Painting

Trying A New Poetry Form
 I read all about the Haibun
Spell check wouldn’t even allow it
 I went a’wandering like
 a National League pitcher
I hit but I rarely get home
unless I pay attention to the green
 green grass around my solitary mound
will I ever know the beauty of
home field advantage?
                 Carol Carlisle
My all-knowing husband, especially about baseball, had his doubts about the way I used “home field advantage” but it sounded good to me. Margo Rody Suggested we try a new poetry form. I chose the Haibun. But I will leave you a haiku inspired by the sand painting. Dare I ask which poem works better for you? 

A river of words
Wash upon the sandy shore
Wind blows them away

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