Wonder Wednesday: Peace Cat


We All Are In Need!

I Have No Words of My Own
I”ll let the Poet Speak Today

“As anger, violence, greed, hatred, and fear seem to prevail.
But it is essential to see these aspects of human nature
as symptoms of a much deeper issue;
They are symptoms of separation.
When we believe that we are separate from each other
As well as separate from the world we share with all sentient beings,
We think we have a license to do harm because we do not realize
We are only harming ourselves.”

Ralfee Finn Aquarum Age

Evening Prayer
To be a lake, on which the overhanging pine,
the late-arriving stars, and all the news of men,
weigh as they will, are peacefully received,
to hear within the silence not quite silence
your prayer to us, Live kindly, live.
~ James Richardson ~

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