Phoneography Black and White Challenge: Wind surfer

Wind surfer

1-Wind surfer sail

Wind surfer, Mount Tam and dogs with family

2-Wind surfer, Mount Tam and dogs with family

Big air

3-Big air

I almost didn’t walk out to water because it was so windy., but glad I did. We don’t usually see wind surfers at our little local beach.What a nice surprise! There was so much glare I couldn’t see my phone’s screen.  In order to capture the guy in the air, my husband would call out “now” when he went up and I would click on faith.I got one with ‘big air’ shot with this tag team technic.

Big air

4-Big air cropped for detail

Today’s Challenge is Black and White. Sure these would be pretty in color but the dramatic clouds tell a different story in B&W. Sally Donatello of Lens and Pens writes: “Black-and-white photography has an uncanny power to recreate reality”.  

Which photo tell the story you prefer?

21 thoughts on “Phoneography Black and White Challenge: Wind surfer

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  2. #1 is a beautiful picture. But #3 and #4 really tell an Okie more about a wind surfer. Just don’t see that on Lake Ponca or Lake McAlester. lol



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  4. My eye is drawn to the second photo because it tell a story, people and their dogs and the wind surfers. The photos with the surfer hanging there in the air are really spectacular. I see wind surfers all the time at our beach, but they are so hard to photograph. Cannot believe you did this with an iPhone.


    • Didn’t even notice the dropped s. Sometimes I can’t make out comments because of type-os.
      The one you like looks really good in color. You have to be from around here to appreciate the view of Mount Tam I think.
      I think if I was planning to take photos of wind surfers I wouldn’t have done as well as I did. All accidental. He was there for only 15 min.
      I like the Fruit ART your doing keep it up!


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