Nurturing Thursday: Soak in the Sunsets


 Can there be too many pink fluffy cloud sunsets? 

All this week people have been asking each other “Did you see the sky last Friday?”  This is not just happening here in Northern California I saw a post from Colline in Canada with images of a similar sunset. Seems to be Mother Nature’s way of saying to all of us there is an even bigger picture then the ones we see on the small screens. Nurturing beauty is all around when we take time to notice.
What uplifting gift have you received this week?

Nurturing Thursday

3 thoughts on “Nurturing Thursday: Soak in the Sunsets

  1. Yes, here in Canada the sky is being gorgeous! I always try to find beauty and be grateful for the small things nature offer us. It’s only pay attention to them and being present. This week I found many lovely red and yellow leaves around, I took time to pick them up and appreciate their beauty.


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