Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: Not Your Usual Parade Floats

Anything on Wheels Goes in The Solano Stroll

Green Chair on wheels

Green Chair on wheels!

This “float” got the most cheers. Why? Two years ago in the big Yosemite fire, Berkeley Family Camp was destroyed along with these Green Chairs. They were where we sat and relaxed before dinner, read books or played cards with our kids. The Green Chairs meant summer vacation to all of us! Now they are truing to rebuild.

Pups on wheels

Pups on wheels

Happy St.Francis Day!

Friend on wheels

Friend on wheels

I was impressed by the devotion of the not so young man pushing his elderly uncle… the wrong way up the parade route…it didn’t seem to matter they were having a wonderful time!

Dear Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge participants these are not the greatest art photos but hopefully I captured the Joy of our local parade.


18 thoughts on “Cee’s Odd Ball Challenge: Not Your Usual Parade Floats

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