Tuesday Tryouts: Retro or Revolutionary?



What’s Back?

What once was revolting and
a rebellion, then became revolutionary
is now quite ordinary.

The solar system revolves on the back
of the tattooed lady in front of me
at a wedding ceremony.

The bride wears her mother’s dress
and big back combed hair for
a look that would be extraordinarily revolutionary in 1953.
Carol Carlisle


Retro wedding

Sunday, I spent most of the wedding trying to take a picture of the tattoo, knowing I would use it in a blog but not so soon. But Margo Rody gave us the challenge of There and Back Again..Does this work?




17 thoughts on “Tuesday Tryouts: Retro or Revolutionary?

  1. More serendipity? Synchronicity? Whichever, i love when these things happen. What a perfect image for the prompt and I love that you threw in ‘revolting’ which shares the root.


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