Tasty Treats on My Street for Which Way Challenge

Better Run!!!!

Better Run!!!!  Thanksgivin’ is a comin’

This is just a taste of my turkey (photos). Next Wednesday I’ll post a whole flock of them.
Here’s something else that could be on your Thanksgiving dinner table from my street.

Artichoke on our street

Late Fall Artichoke on our street

Artichokes are ornamental in our neighborhood. This one’s on the parking strip across the street from me. A dad planted it with his kids last Spring. I’ve enjoyed watching it and them thrive.

What treats thrive in your neighborhood? They don’t have to be edible.

Cee’s Which Way Challenge #20

043014 which way

16 thoughts on “Tasty Treats on My Street for Which Way Challenge

  1. A couple of good lookin’ “drumb sticks” there. lol
    Our trees are finally turning and are beautiful. But . . . it will be a short time because of the freezes we have had. Leaves will be falling before I’m thru looking at them!!



    • You’ll have a soggy frozen mess soon I suspect.
      Folks are making a big deal about protecting the turkeys but so afar no one is counting them 😜 But I really don’t want to clean a freshly killed one. I’ll not to have to butcher it.


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