Leaves at Sunrise Write Poetry


Why would I run out barefooted  into the yard in November at sunrise?
To catch
of course.

She’s out there again, Dear!

I hope she finds what she’s looking for.

Lemon and crimson leaves last only a day.

True Story by
Carol Carlisle


What madness or mystery would it take to cause you to run out barefooted in November?

For Margo Rody and Sunday Stills Fire

17 thoughts on “Leaves at Sunrise Write Poetry

  1. Beautiful picture Carol. It is really pretty here now too. Didn’t go out with bare feet though. It was 14 degrees here this morning. It won’t be pretty to long because of the hard freezes we have had this past week. Hope you got the picture I shared on facebook that the Oklahoma Tourism Bureau put out last week. Keep up the good shots!!



  2. Whoa! Different look.

    I have been known to run outside barefoot, in all seasons rather than miss a sight. I think this goes to the top of my favourites of yours. I absolutely love both the poem and the photo and I like the way you have the poem to the side.


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