Which Way Challenge 21: One Way To Get Grandma’s House Fast!

Lamborghini on 4th Streer

Lamborghini on 4th Street

Fast! Very Fast! 

Here’s one way to get Grandmother’s house in time for the turkey on Thanksgiving day.

Ghost Car
This, just off the show room floor, Lamborghini almost disappeared in the reflected fall leaves until I noticed some one standing in the street taking pictures of it.
I know this is supposed to be a roadway image challenge but you can see a curb, right?

Selfie of me photographing the Lambo insignia

Selfie of me in the street photographing the Lambo insignia

That’s how shiny the paint job is.
I’m a sucker for a pretty car, because my dad was a car guy who taught me to identify all the 1960’s cars by sight.

What do you pull over to snap pictures of?

Let yourself be silently drawn
by the strange pull of what you really love.
It will not lead you astray.
~ Rumi ~

For Cee’s Which Way Challenge I was a Featured Blogger in her Last weeks Challenge with my Wandering Turkey Image.






21 thoughts on “Which Way Challenge 21: One Way To Get Grandma’s House Fast!

  1. saw a couple of these on the road during the Film Festival in Cannes! One guy seemed to think we should all just give him the right of way. Imagine. lol…As for pulling over….well for poppies, for fungi, for windy roads, for…..you get the picture!


  2. Last year I was chasing around looking for a little red sporty number, and was screeching to a halt whenever a possible candidate came into view. And all because a character in my book drove one and I desperately wanted a photo of ‘her’ car. At the point of desperation when I thought I would need to persuade husband to do a Photoshop job on a black car, or possibly a not too sporty orange one, a beautiful red vision appeared in the most unexpected of places – a small, very rural village. Husband asked permission to photograph it, owner was charming and voila, I had the car for my character.


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