Fun Foto Challenge: Bent Elbows and Laughter Make Great Food

Fun making crepes

Fun making Czech pancakes with Marie

Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge asked for joints and or things you enjoy, Does laughing, and food, and a return visit from one of our students from Czech Republic qualify?  I believer her head is just over CR on the map.

Besides all the bent elbows and fingers it was a “joint” effort making these crepes or Czech pancakes.

Is cooking the Thanksgiving meal or any big meal a cooperative venture or a one person show at your house?


15 thoughts on “Fun Foto Challenge: Bent Elbows and Laughter Make Great Food

  1. My sister’s husband had just passed one Thanksgiving… and “I” was having it for the first time…
    We were making Chocolate Pies!… we finished them about 2 hours later…which usually took about 1/2 an hour…We had been drinking a little wine… and crying… and reminiscing…NOW… that is a good memory!… and brought up every Thanksgiving!


    • Sweet memory of having it the first time.Thanks for sharing it
      Ok here’s mine…My dad passed right after Thanksgiving every one was “cooked out” so the word went out and everyone brought KFC. At First it was good just to have food but there was so much, so that was all we ate for days. Even now years I have to shutter driving by That Chicken Place. An oft told story also 😀


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