Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle at Twilight


For  Weekly Photo Challenge Twinkle I couldn’t help adding one more post after capturing these  well dressed trees.

Who remembers Main Street being decorated for Christmas after Thanksgiving. We had a pet parade followed by the lighting of the a big tree in the middle of the street. I don’t know if that still happens anywhere anymore. These are the lights that decorate the street trees in a Berkeley shopping neighborhood. I was in everyone’s way taking pictures of them yesterday. I wondered if I was the only one awed by the sparkle and beauty.

Let me know if you go all gaga for Christmas lights, too.



16 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Twinkle at Twilight

      • That’s exactly why I was asking as its so lovely to walk round in the late night / early morning light catching the fairy lights twinkling! It makes Venice just that little bit more magic and I bet it would do the same in Berkeley! Great photo!


  1. Lovely photo. We don’t have lights here in the Hastings CBD, but a few families decorate their homes and register with the council who bring out a map so we can do tours of the homes. That means that our council is the scrooge who gets families to do all the work for them. 😦


    • Well that’s too bad 😦
      Do they have a contest? I remember those maps and a contest form my childhood. It was a big deal to drive around and look at lights just before Christmas. Now our block has so many decorated houses it doesn’t seem a special.


  2. These lights are a little different to what I have seen and that is a good thing. It is such a popular thing to do these days, decorate one’s home with lights. I think it is cozier in the colder climates when it is do dark. The lights in a tropical country like mine, where Xmas is summertime, make it quite hot, but are nevertheless lovely to see.


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