Phoneography: Black and White Challenge

Pt. Lobos

Pt. Lobos landing party?

Pt Lobos or landing strip

Pt Lobos or landing strip?

Pt. Lobos tide pool

Pt. Lobos tide pool can you see the face?

A visit to a tidal zone becomes
a liminal experience, threshold between
earth and sea, land and sky.
Or perhaps a trip to the Moon
in Black and white it’s hard to tell.

What do you think?

Today is a New Moon with King tides over 7ft.and negative at -1.12 Curious how we will be affected?

Sally’s Lens and Pens



10 thoughts on “Phoneography: Black and White Challenge

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  2. Ah, your photos have a nice vintage feel to them – a little bit out of time. I miss the tides when I am away from the coast – my vacation place enjoys 8 – 12 foot tides on a regular basis. They are remarkable!


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