Phoneography Macro Challenge and Day 3 Black and White Challenge

When Life Gives You A Lumpy Lemon Make a Picture

Black and White Lemon

Black and White Lemon

Lemon of Color

Lemon of Color

I keep thinking of Martha Graham dance photos when I look at these images, do you?

Which do you prefer?

Why one is B&W I’m doing the 5 day black and white Challenge and glad of it because, I doubt I would have made the monochrome lemon image otherwise.  Part of the challenge is to nominate someone else to do it each day. Well I can’t choose among all the participants in Sally’s Monday Challenge so I nominate anyone who reads this today to participate in the 5 Day Black and White challenge!

I would love it if you take peek at other Black and White entries. Coming and Going Dog and Street Stalker

Please visit Sally’s Lens and Pens for photographic  inspiration and information.

View other entries for this week’s challenge:



17 thoughts on “Phoneography Macro Challenge and Day 3 Black and White Challenge

    • Can you remember the huge lemons the Novak’s had over at their green house? They were the size of a grape fruit. They had to finally cut the tree down because it got to big to be inside the green house.



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  3. Carol, I had no idea what it was, other than intriguing, in the B&W photo. It keeps the interest in the color photo as well, but it’s easier to see the lemon aspect. My parents’ church has citrus trees in the surrounding area, so I was able to bring home some beautiful, enormous lemons in my carry-on. When they’re gone, it’s back to what I can buy in the store. 🙂 But I do love lemons. What a joy to have your own!



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