One Word Challenge Tornado

Tornado Sky

Tornado Sky

I have seen my share of tornadoes, having grown up in Northern Oklahoma, where the wind really does come sweeping down the plain; I have often seen the sky turns a sickly green just before the funnel drops down to do its destructive dance.. This is the San Francisco bay photographed on a dreary day using Hipstamatic Kamial II and Ina’s film 1982.  For more about this creative iPhone App  see Allan G. Smorra’s  post at  Ohm Sweet Ohm.

As I said yesterday, I can’t wait for the slapstick fun of Sharknado III tonight on the SyFy.Channel. So glad sharks really don’t fall out of the sky!



One Word Challenge Tornado

14 thoughts on “One Word Challenge Tornado

  1. Now the song is stuck in my head. Ooooklahoma! (in high school I played in the pit orchestra for the musicals each year, and one year we did that one) In any case, great shot, I could really imagine a tornado sweeping through! I’m glad sharks don’t fall from the sky as well. Have fun with the movie tonight.


  2. Tornado – what’s that?? Yes, we Okie’s sure know about them!! I remember when we were young a couple of times you and your parents came over and got in the basement with us. I always missed having a basement when I moved to S.E. Oklahoma. Needed it a couple of times too.
    The “Tornado Sky” shot is really eerie.


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