Old Chevrolets On The Road For Cee’s Which Way Challenge

 Don’t You Just Love Them!

56 Chevy

56 Chevy

On a long boring trip across town (to the dentist) this perfect piece of mid-century artwork pulled along side me.  I was thrilled and amazed by the color I forgot for a moment where I was headed. I took pictures at the stop light. Hope you like it a much as I do.
I used a neon filter to give the same image an “on the road feeling” which 56 Chevys deserve!

Chevy Chrome

52 Chevy Panel Van

52 Chevy Panel Van

The Whole VanIMG_3937

For Your Listening Please

We’re Not the Jet Set,We’re Not The Old Cheverlet Set
sung By Iris Dement and John Prine

Cee’s Which Way Challenge

9 thoughts on “Old Chevrolets On The Road For Cee’s Which Way Challenge

  1. I commented about the picture on my email, but I’ll comment again. Just fantastic!! I really like what you did with the neon filter. Always liked the 1956 Chevy’s and 1957 Chevy’s. I really need to sit down and learn more about my iphone and the camera on it. I’ve been taking more pictures lately since looking at yours. Keep it up Carol.



    • My advice for using your camera, take a picture that you don’t care too much about and then start hitting buttons. First hit Edit and see what you can do!!
      I knew you would like this car picture!!


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