Portrait of A Change Maker For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge

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Evolution of a portrait
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Peter Selz is the founding director of University (of California) Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive. I attended a lecture where I learned he was not only created the art museum but also was instrumental and supportive of Berkeley’s Free Speech movement in the 1960’s. He allowed museum space for the Free Speech poster making. He and his daughter and biographer told of his life supporting new and innovative art in the era. Afterwards I had an opportunity to ask what they thought of new art forms coming out of technology and was very disappointed to be given the party line that “The Techies are destroying San Francisco”
from there the conversation went down hill to high price of real-estate in SF.

My friend who was in charge of the program said she would pass on my iPhoto portraits of him if I liked but I’m not sure if I should I want to stick my neck out that far. What do you think?

Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge

22 thoughts on “Portrait of A Change Maker For Sally D’s Mobile Photography Challenge

  1. Your portrait is an interpretation of the man, giving him some of the layers of his life. He is pensive and yet strong. You’ve captured the physical person and part of his identity. Nicely done. Happy Photo Challenge.


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