CEE’s Compose Yourself Horizontal Lines

“Horizons in general.   You are the artist and photographer. You can play with your camera to get a slightly different view with changing where your horizon is in your photo. Horizons go hand in hand with the Rule of Thirds which we will cover in later challenges. Depending on where your horizon is, you guide your viewers to what you want to show off in your photo.” CEE’s Compose Yourself

Poppies on the steps

Poppies on the steps leads eye upward

Gate with many Horizontal lines  lead your eye into Lake Merritt’s Bonsai Garden. The off kilter Kaiser building reminds us we are in an Urban environment. I used a painterly app to enhance the artistic feel of the garden,

Gate To Bonsai Garden At Lake Merrit

Gate To Bonsai Garden At Lake Merritt

Horizontal lines divide the page in thirds so sail boat in the middle isn’t too symmetrically boring.

Sail Boat still in the middle

Sail Boat passing.

It is so hard to keep everything straight when the shoreline and horizon don’t match

High tide

High tide with wet dog. I chose the log to be my horizontal line.

I use the iPhone’s crop feature which automatically tries to straighten the image which often ends up way off the mark for my eye, then I have the option to set it myself.

What’s on your horizon these days?


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