An Odd Ball Challenge Most Fowl

Maybe an Odd Ball, But not a Butter Ball

But a Butter Chicken

But A Butter Chicken

And Her Friend

Butter Turkey

The Butter Turkey

The Real Thing on the neighbors steps

Irresistible Odd Ball Post for the Sunday before Thanksgiving.
For those in other parts of the world Thanksgiving is an American holiday where families get together and the traditional food to eat is Turkey!



14 thoughts on “An Odd Ball Challenge Most Fowl

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  2. I still have one of those chickens. Mom had it on that shelf in the wall in her dining room. I remember it from I was a little kid, so it’s gotta be old, really old. lol
    Love the shot of the two turkeys on the porch steps.



  3. I have two of those glass chickens, too. They are blue. There is something about a glass chicken dish that is very appealing!! They go back into the past and bring back memories.


    • Wow! Blue!? Must be beautiful I love blue glass. A friend has tiny chicken salt bowls she wants my butter chicken to match hers. I say no way. See Neal’s comment above about memories.
      Good to hear from you Hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.


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