Happy Feet on Red Bricks for CYW

Brick red Bricks

Brick Red Bricks

Today’s Color Your World – Brick Red ask for the color Brick Red.

I wonder when she will have metallic pink? I guess that is a different Crayon box.

Hope you are enjoying these colors as much as I am. Who among us loved coloring books? Has anyone tried one of the Adult Coloring books? The ones I’ve seen seem to lack whimsy. If I am coloring I don’t want to be an adult. I want silly ducks and smiling airplanes in big blue skies.  Guess I have to make my own.

11 thoughts on “Happy Feet on Red Bricks for CYW

  1. Cool, you have a picture of actual bricks! and the metallic pink sets it off just right! I have some of those coloring books, and have done one picture so far. There’s so much detail to color in! I usually get to color pages in my 2 year old grand-daughter’s coloring books, which are big pictures, and easy! 🙂


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