Color Your World Both Brown and Odd

What's it?

What’s it?

I’m use to going past this Nepali shop with many bright figures but I was stopped in my tracks by this critter. Can any one guess what it is? Answer at the bottom. No peeking.

Image from mural of Khatmandh

Image from mural below

Many people from the Himalayas live in the SF Bay Area so there are an abundance of Nepali restaurants and gift shops. This week I seemed to notice them more. The lovely little elephant is from a very large mural at “Taste of The Himalayas” where we had a very nice lunch.



I’m double dipping today posting for both Color Your World – Brown that whimsical critter and elephant are both brown.

And they also just off kilter enough for Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: 2016 Week 3


Answer: The rat that accompanies Ganesha the Elephant God of prosperity. 

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