Aye! Aye! Aye! Caribbean Green

Green is not aways a cool color, especially when it is on a hot car or a spicy restaurant. Enjoy Jennifer’s Color Your World – Caribbean Green

56 Chevy

56 Chevy

Mexican Bowl

Mexican  salsa bowl

Puerto Rican Resurant

Puerto Rican Restaurant

By virtue of the name of the restaurant it has to be Caribbean Green. Some merchants are upset by having this bright color in their business district. Really great food!

7 thoughts on “Aye! Aye! Aye! Caribbean Green

  1. Great images- and I can see why the bright green restaurant is not welcome by all! Oh and that image had me looking a few times-the red of the curb had that complementary contrast going on (even if just a bit) and the part that really unfolded for me was the tree- shadow with its added green -oh and the scale -the people and thinness of the curb all give eve more feel to the size of this loudly colored building –


  2. Great Greens.
    The street markings have the appearance of a curb and as though the car is on a mission to get somewhere; maybe the green restaurant 😉


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