A Well Composed and Balanced Message From Groundhog Day

I went doen to the beach yesterday, Groundhog Day, to see what message Mother Nature might have for me. I suspected the first poppy or a fine shell would be my talisman for the year ahead. To my great surprise there was a young maidain creating her own driftwood sculpture then balancing upon it. She let me and her mother take photos.



Then we saw her shadow and got a big smile I hope that means more rain.



In the Pagan or Mother Natures calendar Groundhog day is Lamas or Candlemass ,a day of initiation when one chooses their path for the year. For me: 1-keep taking photos with people in them, 2-stay balanced and 3-don’t leave home without my asthma inhaler.

Another commitment for me, as always, keep learning. As per Cee’s Cropping Challenge I cropped the great amount to sand in the forground to emphasis the true subject of the photos.

Reminder for Cee’s Compose Yourself: #15 Cropping Tips

One Word Photo Challenge: Balance

16 thoughts on “A Well Composed and Balanced Message From Groundhog Day

  1. Cropping is one of the first things I learned in the Photography class I took in High School. Really makes a difference. Point and shoot just isn’t good enough. Cropping will make the pictues. Good one Carol


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